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Finally, underway.

So, the time has come for this year’s Spring Seminar. We began this morning. I had three lessons around the theme, “the power of the local church”.
The Church are those called out of the world by Jesus and grafted into His Body, the assembly, the Church. But the Church isn’t just a local entity. It’s universal, though it expresses itself in a tangible and visible way in a local area.

In defence of Peter Kreeft

In front of me I have a book by Peter Kreeft. I really like him. He is a very competent Catholic (read: Christian:)) apologist. Some years ago Libris published one of his books which I read with much enjoyment: “Between Heaven and Hell”, a fictional dialogue between C.S. Lewis, Aldous Huxley and John F. Kennedy about the meaning of life.

Tomorrow – The Jesus manifestation.

Feel a bit of panic when I notice how time has flown :) We’ve almost reached the middle of May, and it’s a whole month since I wrote. Been very preoccupied with other things. Have to check my calendar to remember all the water that has gone under the bridge since the last time I posted a blog.

Easter in Israel

There’s probably nothing that compares with celebrating Easter in Israel. I’ve had the privilege of doing that a number of times, both before, during and after living in Jerusalem. This year we were there with a smaller group of business people, and it was a very good trip. In a smaller group there’s a different dynamic. You get more time for fellowship and conversation, while there is still enough time for teaching and worship.


Since last I wrote there has been some more travelling and a number of meetings with various preachers. I’ve been to Denmark and spoken to the preachers within the Danish Pentecostal movement and to Åh Diocesan centre where I met with priests and leaders in the Swedish Church (Lutheran). And, shortly I’m off to Ribbingebäck […]

Never wrong to be totally sober

Carl-Gustav Severin has written an excellent book called “It’s never wrong to be totally sober”. It’s all about our attitude to alcohol. It’s been receiving some attention – which it really deserves.

The St Matthew Passion

Yesterday I went to a concert and listened to the St Matthew Passion by J.S. Bach performed by the Uppsala Chamber Orchestra and the St. Jacob’s Chamber Choir in Uppsala’s Concert & Congress hall. It’s like climbing a mountain – a monumental work that takes concentration and endurance.

Truly an extraordinary congress

Extraordinary is the right word for the congress we just had in Ephesus in Turkey last week. It was something truly special. And it’s actually fitting to call it historic. With over 520 delegates from 34 countries, all full of expectation, it turned out to be more than we could have imagined or prayed for.

Time for Ephesus

After a few days much needed holiday in Spain, it’s time for our congress in Ephesus. I’m looking forward to spending some time in that special place, so steeped in history. It’s the first time Word of Life is arranging a congress of this kind. We have of course held conferences in a number of different locations around the world, especially pastors’ conferences that have been open to pastors and leaders from all directions.

Hating all Jews

Some time has passed since we had a demonstration against Israel’s Ambassador at Word of Life. It wasn’t during his visit to the 2011 Europe Conference, but earlier, in connection with Holocaust Remembrance Day.